Do I have to use TaxPay if I am a Desucla client?

No. You are free to pay your VAT however you wish although you will need to provide Desucla and/or your compliance provider with proof of payment each time. By utilizing the TaxPay system all relevant parties get notified of payments so you don’t have to separately prove payment has been made.

Can I use Taxpay if I’m not a Desucla client?

No. You need to have registered for Desucla Fiscal Representation to utilize the TaxPay platform.

If I am a Desucla client in one or more countries, can I use TaxPay to pay Tax Authorities in countries where I do not use Descula as the local Fiscal Rep?

You can only use TaxPay to pay your VAT in countries where Desucla is your Fiscal Representative. For all other countries you will need to make your own arrangements for payment.

How do I sign up for TaxPay?

TaxPay is a service offered by Desucla and you are automatically signed up and able to use the service once you have gone through the standard Desucla online registration process.

What documents do I need to provide to sign up to TaxPay?

No additional documentation is required to use TaxPay – once you have registered for the Desucla Fiscal Representation service you are registered for the TaxPay service should you choose to use it.

How do I use TaxPay?

Once registered for Desucla Fiscal Representation you will be given a username and password to log in to your online account. Within the online platform you can access your taxpay portal where you can set-up & manage your payments and view your statements.

How much does TaxPay cost?

There is a low fixed payment fee for each country to which VAT is being paid. These onward payment fees are added to the amount you need to send us. Please see our Pricing page for more information.

What country tax authorities can I pay to with TaxPay?

We currently support VAT payments to the following countries;
Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain.

Can I use TaxPay for general non-VAT payments?

No. Taxpay is built to solely facilitate efficient settlement of VAT to global tax authorities and cannot be used for general payments.

Is TaxPay secure?

TaxPay is very secure as beneficiaries are hard coded so money can only be sent directly to tax authorities. We also have intelligent reference checking systems to make sure your payments will be allocated to the correct VAT accounts quickly. In the event of error, we have direct lines of communication with tax authorities to quickly resolve any issues.

What currencies does TaxPay support?

The currencies we support match the countries to which we facilitate VAT payments. Currently you can send us EUR, CHF, HUF, GBP and PLN for onward settlement to tax authorities.

We are in process of building intelligent foreign exchange capabilities that will enable you to send us a wider variety of currencies and make onward payments in any currency required.

How are my payments reconciled and how do I know my money is going to the right place?

As a TaxPay client you are given your own unique currency accounts for your exclusive use. It is these accounts that you make your VAT payments to and they are used only by you. These accounts are completely segregated and separate from Desucla operational business accounts.

How long do payments take?

Payment times vary by country and currency but we generally recommend you have your funds cleared in your TaxPay account(s) at least 3 working days before the VAT payment deadline.

How do I know the correct VAT account is paid?

Most tax authorities allocate incoming payments based on the payment reference. You or your compliance provider input this reference when instructing payment(s) through our system and our intelligent software checks against known formats for different countries and information we have about your business. If correct the reference will be allowed and included on the onward payment to the tax authority ensuring seamless allocation to your tax account.

How do I know when payment is made?

We keep you informed at every step of the way. You will receive notification when we have received funds from you and when onward payment has been made to tax authorities.

Why is my payment being rejected in the taxpay portal?

The most common reason for payment rejection is that you are inputting an incorrect payment reference. The payment reference is very important as it ensures the tax authority can correctly reconcile your payment to your tax account. If you think you are inputting the correct reference and you are still having problems then please contact us.

What are the benefits of utilizing the TaxPay portal?

There are a number of benefits of using the TaxPay portal instead of making all of your global VAT payments directly from your bank.

  • With TaxPay you will minimize the number of payments you have to set-up and make each month e.g. if you have VAT due in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands you only need to make one EUR payment to us instead of instructing five separate payments with your bank.
  • You save money with our low payment fees
  • You mitigate the need to open local bank accounts to enable efficient local payment – e.g. in France where the tax authority requests that you have a EUR account that is enabled for SEPA Direct Debit.
  • You have one centralized portal with all of your VAT payment information that can be accessed directly by trusted partners e.g. Compliance Providers, Accountants and Fiscal Reps.
  • You will minimize payment errors and have pre-filled and checked beneficiary and referencing information to enable seamless payment.
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