What kind of companies would work with Desucla?

Any company that has clients selling goods across borders can benefit from partnering with Desucla but we are a particularly valuable partner to tax compliance companies and accountancy firms around the world.

Why would I work with Desucla?

Our product enables your clients to become tax compliant around the world while also saving significant amounts of time and money. We take on the fiscal representation risk, enable you to get better insight into your clients’ payments and compliance records and give you the tools to free up valuable time in your core business.

How can I get set-up?

Simply follow the online registration process and select that you are a ‘compliance provider’. We will then be in touch to talk through your specific requirements. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

How does it work?

Once you have registered you will get access to the Desucla online platform. Within this platform you can upload and manage your clients for fiscal representations around the world and even oversee and co-ordinate their VAT payments if required. All documents and information will all be accessible in one secure online portal for you to manage on behalf of your clients.

Do you have APIs to enable integration of the Desucla solution with our own platform?

Most partners find it very straight-forward to manage their fiscal rep and payment needs through our online portal but we do have APIs available for larger select partners. Please speak to the team after you have registered if you think they might be useful to your business.

How am I charged?

We have a number of ways we can manage charging but typically we would invoice you directly every two weeks for all new annual representations you have set-up in that two-week period. It’s entirely up to you how you pass that cost on to your clients.

Can I get volume/discount pricing for my client base?

Desucla has already built a very lean operating model utilizing technology to drive down cost and enable market leading pricing but if you have specific requirements or a particularly large client base, we may be able to build a bespoke pricing model. Please discuss with one of our representatives after you have registered.

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